Rejoinder to Schnall (2014) in Social Psychology


Given widespread interest in our direct replication of Schnall, Benton, and Harvey (2008) our rejoinder may be found here.

The commentary written by Schnall (2014) may be found here.

The original article (Johnson, Cheung, & Donnellan, 2014) may be found here.

Brent Donnellan has blogged about this article here.

Simone Schnall has blogged about this article here; comments may be found here.

In the purpose of maintaining transparency about the communications between us and Dr. Schnall, as well as the special edition editors (Brian Nosek and Daniël Lakens), all email correspondence may be found here. Additional information about the process of pre-registration used in this special issue is also provided.


3 thoughts on “Rejoinder to Schnall (2014) in Social Psychology

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